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The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) is actively participating in the discussion about the benefits of palliative care, and working to make sure the public has the facts about this compassionate form of medicine.

Here are links to recent items of interest:

Article Publication

As Palliative Care Need Grows, Specialists Are Scarce 

National Public Radio 

Palliative doctors featured in article entitiled:"Unsung Heroes: You may not know much about these four specialists, but they are likely working hard to help you heal."

The Patient
Join Americans across the country every April 16 to talk to others about future health care decisions and complete an advance directive.  Visit National Health Care Decisions Day.
Debate Misses Point of End-of-Life Counseling
Op-ed posted on Huffington Post by AAHPM president Gail Austin Cooney, MD FAAHP
Huffington Post
Making Plans for the Last Chapter of Life
includes interview with former AAHPM president Ira Byock, MD FAAHPM
National Public Radio
Helping Patients Cope with Death
letter to the editor written by AAHPM President Gail Cooney, MD FAAHPM
The New York Times
Myth vs. Fact: Advance Planning Consultations in H.R. 3200
AAHPM-endorsed explanation of end-of-life counseling that has been proposed as part of health care reform.
AAHPM website