Compassionate care at any stage of an illness


When to Seek Hospice Care

What Hospice Care Can Do for You

The palliative doctor and team can alleviate your pain and suffering, guide your care, attend to your emotional and spiritual concerns and help you focus on quality of life. Hospice care can free you up to ensure this is a time of personal growth, of getting the most you can out of your time left, allowing you to:

  • Reflect on your life.
  • Heal emotional wounds and reconnect with a loved one with whom you have been estranged.
  • Visit favorite places or those with special meaning, such as a school, house or a beautiful view you've always loved.
  • Put your financial affairs in order.
  • Create a legacy, such as a journal, artwork or a videotaped message.
  • Simply be with the people you love, and who love you.

There are other benefits of hospice care, too.

  • Hospice care allows you to remain and receive medical care in your own home, if desired and possible. It prevents or reduces trips to the emergency room for aggressive care that you might not want. Although you still might go to the hospital for tests or treatments, hospice allows you and your loved ones to remain in control of your care.
  • Members of the hospice team can clean, cook or do other chores, giving your loved ones a chance to run errands, go out to dinner, take a walk or catch a nap.
  • Hospice programs offer bereavement counseling for your loved ones, often for up to a year.